You and Me

Celebrating the unique things that make us you and me.

The cover of You and Me features three smiling children of different races and the title You and Me.
You and Me, a children’s picture book about all the wonderful things about you and me.
SAMPLE PAGE: two children learning at school.

You and Me is a picture book appropriate for grades JK-Grade 2-3. The theme is one of diversity and inclusion. It is filled with colourful images illustrating children of different ethnic backgrounds doing life in various ways.

The book has great teaching possibilities such as learning about and making bannock or falafels, trying to use chopsticks etc.

The question at the bottom of each page invites participation and encourages an understanding and appreciation for those different from ourselves. The song at the back of the book concludes with the theme of friendship.

This book also encourages inter-generational conversation as a parent/grandparent shares what life was like for him/her as a child.

The artist, Tom Liantung Pu has cleverly added small details that can be fun to search for such as looking for an animal that goes “b-a-a” or searching for someone using his/her left hand etc.

The mission statement can be found on the back cover along with photos of both the author and artist along with a little history of each.

Come on. Join in the fun.

Let’s be friends – You and Me.

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