Review by Leslie Bamford

Shirley Hartung’s book entitled Grounded is not just for children. My husband and I sat down and we both read it cover to cover with interest and attention – it is a real page-turner! Touching, compelling, educational, and well written. I grew up in the fifties under the fear of polio. Childhood activities were curtailed by parents who were afraid for their children. Many people growing up later do not know what we all went through, but Shirley has brought this topic to the forefront again. The workbook is an excellent addition to the story book. Bravo, Shirley, for bringing this subject to our attention once again.

Leslie Bamford, Waterloo, Ontario
Published author in various genres, and teacher of writing for over ten years

A Reason to Celebrate

Two years ago, a Rotarian from India got the idea of a Rotary flame to celebrate that his country was now polio free.

Many thought that it was impossible to eradicate polio in India because of its low standards of sanitation and hygiene, not to mention that five years ago nearly half the polio cases in the world were in India. Last year, after three years without a case, India was declared polio-free by The World Health Organization.

The torch has been carried throughout many countries already including the three endemic countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria and will eventually reach Canada before it arrives at the 2015 Rotary Convention in Brazil in September.
Although the world is still not polio free, the torch represents a time when this will be the case.
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