Words of Encouragement

It is a brisk, sunny, beautiful morning and I have just arrived home after my usual walk which is a time of prayer and reflection for me. This morning is no exception other than it is Sunday, and as churches are closed, I am walking earlier than usual.

As I walk along I notice colourful chalk writing on the sidewalk ahead.  What a wonderful sign of spring I think to myself, imagining small children writing on the sidewalk. As I approach closer, I realize that this is not the work of children but someone older.  I smile to myself as I read the words in large letters:  KEEP SMILING!

A few steps farther down the street I see more writing. This time, the words read: IT WILL GET BETTER!

Still farther down the street, there  is a final message:


What an appropriate message, not just because this is Sunday,  but a reminder for us throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead. May you also be encouraged as I was by this message.


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