A Quarantine Garden:

My husband came home from shopping one day saying, ” I have a surprise for you.”  It was no special occasion, but he will often pick up little treats he thinks we will both enjoy.  Well this was a surprise, alright- 10 packages of seeds – carrots, lettuce, beans, parsley along with all our other favourites.  I should have guessed. It’s about this time of year that he gets spring fever and the urge to start thinking about gardening. But apparently, he is not the only one.

Just yesterday, on CBC, while I was preparing dinner, a guest was encouraging  people to begin a garden by first starting the seeds inside which can be done now.  She gave the instruction and list of supplies that would be needed. This morning, again on CBC,  a lady who lives on  a farm  and has a large country garden encouraged  people to become more  independent by supplying some of their own food source by having a garden. This year she is calling her garden, a Quarantine Garden since she  will be  planting it during a time of quarantine.

Our garden last spring.

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