We are Living in Unprecedented Times:

One dictionary definition for the word  unprecedented  is simply, never done or known before. Although these are  certainly precarious  and unusual times we are experiencing, with steps taken that are  shocking and foreign to our generation, given all the closures,  food and other goods being stockpiled etc. other generations before us have experienced drastic measures such as these as well.

Your grandparents probably remember  rations on certain foods  such as sugar, as well as using food stamps during the war.  Women gave up wearing nylon stockings  so they could be used for the war effort to  make parachutes. And young woman , Farmerettes, volunteered to become farm workers  to take the place of young men  going off to war during World War II.

During the polio pandemic,   public places were closed such as swimming pools, movie theatres, churches etc. Sounds familiar!  Kids were encouraged to stay indoors so even playing with friends was discouraged. Mothers tried to entertain their kids with board games  such as Candy Land,  but kids were sick and tired of another polio summer. They felt Grounded and it wasn’t because of anything they had done.

The point of this blog, being, although we are living in unpreceded times, other generations have also experienced drastic measures being taken whether in war time or when a pandemic occurs.  Each generation  coming out of the difficult time whether  a war or a pandemic, having a new appreciation for our freedom and way of life that we all enjoy.

It is encouraging to see people being creative in finding unique ways of continuing to worship,  stay fit by walking outside,  calling or emailing friends one has been meaning to connect  but previously haven’t found the time. And  of course, dropping  meals off to elderly people who are alone. Even receiving a hilarious email as I did this morning starts the day off with a smile. In  my case, I am FINALLY  finding the time to blog!

Keep well and find a way to show someone that you care.

Shirley Hartung

Author of GROUNDED



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