New Years Resolutions

With a month and a half already into 2020, it’s time to access how your New Year’s resolution is going. Normally, I don’t bother with one but was challenged this year to try again, even though I have not been successful in the past. To some, it might seem like a pretty easy challenge, but for me not so much. So what was this big resolution and how is it going, you might ask.

I have always had trouble drinking enough water. I know all the benefits and since I try to live a relatively healthy lifestyle, you would think that it would be a no brainer. But in the past, although my efforts were admirable, the resolution didn’t stick. I got a new water bottle thinking that might help–you know one of those that advertise all the great features. I faithfully took it to the Y every day, but either would leave it in the car, or forget it at the gym or forget it altogether leaving it in the frig at home. I even got a water cooler for my office thinking that was pretty cool but would get engrossed in my writing and forget it was even there.  I  panicked when I had that test that you have to drink a litre of water and hold it for how long? I’m sure you know the one I’m referring to. And the answer to that trick question is–too long!

I knew that I  needed a new approach with the water issue.  Fortunately, one came with the challenge so I thought I’d give it another try as there was nothing to lose. So every night I measure out the designed amount I need to drink the next day so that there’s no excuse in the morning.  On rising, I drink  8 oz. then, use my water bottle while at the gym. Again I drink some before lunch and so on. If there is any left by the end of the day, I guzzle it down so that I can start the new day fresh. I am astonished that today Feb 1, 2020, I have not missed a day keeping the resolution and it hasn’t seemed that difficult.

Why? What made it different this time? Two simple things, THE FORMULA for starters ( see below) and secondly, I leave the water out so it is at room temperature. I have an aversion to cold water whether in a glass or a swimming pool.

My nephew-in-law, Greg McHale, and his wife, my niece, Denise McHale, are owners of Wild Yukon and Caribou Crossing Trading Post respectively. They are both extremely physically fit–Greg being a competitive runner, mountain climber and hunting guide for big game in the Yukon while Denise is an ultra-marathoner who has won many awards as well as having taken on the most demanding run of all when competing in the Leadville 100 mile endurance race.

Thanks to Greg for passing on the water challenge and with it the formula that has helped me stay on track.

The Water Formula

Weight(pounds)= _______divide by2 =______ (oz)

Weight (kg) ________ divide by 30 = ———-(Litres)

Whatever resolution you have taken on for 2020, I wish you luck and good health.

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