Our Weekend at Loretto Maryholme

Last weekend writers from our writing circle met at Loretto Maryholme for a weekend of inspiration and sharing at our annual winter retreat.

Loretto is a grand old estate overlooking  Lake Simcoe.  One can watch ice fishing from the wrap-around, closed-in porch, or speak to fishermen by walking down to the lake itself, or if lucky, simply watch from your room. Although some might think Loretto old fashioned in its decor, it has a charm of its own, which leaves you wanting to return.

We are a small group of eight. Each person has her own room, some with a bath other use a shared bath depending on the size of the room you are in. Each year the rooms are rotated so one might get a small room one time and a large the next. We prepare our own meals, sharing the preparation time so hopefully, no one has to spend too much time in the kitchen.

There is no set schedule, other than meeting for lunch and dinner. Evenings we gather around the fireplace in the common room and share some of our writing or whatever we may have accomplished during the day.

Generally, writers are left to use the time as they please. Most write, while some also paint, knit, work on PhD material, or read. One of the authors is even into bookbinding. (We have a very talented, diverse group). Most often take a walk to clear the cobwebs mid-afternoon while others enjoy a nap.

Although we may have different interests and life philosophies, we each respect the other and have become good friends and a closely-knit group.

As I return home, I feel renewed and encouraged to carry on with my writing and am already looking forward to the retreat next year.

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