Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!With the new year almost upon us, the news will doubtlessly be filled with discussions of the highs and lows of 2014. In 1955, the biggest newsworthy event was the discovery of a vaccine for polio by Dr. Jonas Salk and his team. With the announcement of this discovery, Dr. Salk became an instant hero.

In the Grounded activity book, there is a discussion about heroes and the characteristics of a true hero. Soon there will be talk of who the heroes of 2014 have been. Who will be on your list and why?

To me, the doctors and nurses who have fought against the deadly Ebola virus would be on the top of my list. Some of these brave men and women even gave their life trying to save others – a sobering thought!

With that in mind, I wish to extend good wishes for health and happiness to you and those you love in 2015.

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